Spring sessions are in full swing.

WOW I have been busy you guys, but it has been wonderful and I am so grateful .

Spring in Texas is stunning. I am obsessed with all the flower fields .It is one of my FAVORITES. I live in the hill country off of lake Travis. SO spring is amazing, I get to see cute little Bambi deer laying in my front yard , blue bonnets , orange flowers , yellow flowers , SO MANY FLOWERS.

Spring is also my little dudes birthday. I can not believe how much he is growing , it was like in one day he decided he was going to copy every word we say and have his own little opinions!

seriously , just one day he this started. He has been stubborn to talk.

I got to be the photographer to capture all the sweet kiddos at his school this year , Oaklees first school photo taken by me! I can not wait to frame his school prints. I need more walls in home, I love hanging prints.

school spring photographer Tauni Joy Photography
school spring photographer Tauni Joy Photography

Im sorry but this mom can not believe this is my baby. Well not so much my baby anymore, my little man growing up into the sweetest boy.

school spring photographer Tauni Joy Photography

I got new backdrops in for all my spring newborn babies and I am so excited, This was one of them . I think its so cute!

I also still plan to paint some again but I have not quite figured out how and what materials I want to use this time!

Big things are happening here and I am so excited! Over on my private blog you can see how I have made it to where I am and how I plan to continue to grow and succeed !

I also share mommy motivations, books and podcasts that I am listening to .

Happy Spring ya`ll .

Tauni Joy