Capturing Toddlers

I love toddler portraits. This age is hard mama but oh so amazing. It`s my favorite. They are becoming their own little people. Their personalities blooming ! And man are they proud to do the opposite of what you say haha!

So many people tell me they are hesitant to book a session because their toddler wont sit.

All right first thing, if needed bribes win . I know , I know you don`t want too but if it works , it works! Vitmain suckers for the win! Found at whole foods, Natural Grocers and Amazon ! ( not an ad!) Also , not to brag but I am super speedy. I will set up everything before hand and make sure I am ready when your kiddo is! I will prob look like a fool jumping , playing peek-a-boo whatever but we will get something!

Part of capturing toddler portraits for me is also capturing their personality! There are the shy kiddos , hey that`s my kid, those serious faces that study you , and those goofy kiddos , you will miss these little looks with the big eyes and round cheeks!

I love tiny Oh SO serious little human faces!

If yours is a goof ball , we will have lots of fun getting those goofy faces ! Whatever the personality I strive to capture that for you!

This little boy Grey, is a ham. He warms up quickly to you and gives you lots of cute flirtatious smiles , watch out girls!

This quick 8 min session was just perfect for this on the move 15 month old!

Look at those eyes!

Look at those eyes!

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Hey You!

Hey You!

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