Office Depot Austin Event , #depotdifference

Last week I was honored to be the one to capture the #depotdifference event! The excitement was over the moon , from both the school and all the wonderful volunteers from Office Depot! Seeing how excited all the children were for not only their new backpacks but also some new school supplies AND a gift card was such a heart melt .

I love seeing that our Austin community cares and being able to be the one to capture it was such an honor!

Depot difference Tauni Joy Photography
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The kids entered through a tunnel of HIGH FIVES from Office Depot while music from the DJ was blastin . They were all pretty excited and pumped up!

austin charity event photographer
Austin Texas charity event photographer.jpg
Look at all those hands!

Look at all those hands!

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Sitting with all the children was the awesome principle!

Austin Texas Charity Photographer
Tauni Joy Photography Austin Event photographer

Pink was a favorite!

So many new back packs !

austin charity photography

Not only did the kids get all their back too school gear but a teacher was nominated and blessed with a new desk , computer , chair and all the goods for the school year! It was so touching to see her receive this amazing gift !

office max tauni Joy Photography
austin charity Tauni Joy Photography

And the moment is here , all the kids lined up to get their backpacks!

Austin charity photographer Tauni Joy Photography
Tauni Joy Photography

Thank you !

#depotdifference you rock

Tauni Joy Photography