my hubs new ride

Wanted to brag on my sweet husband for a moment because I don`t think we couples do that as much as we should.

Around 8 years ago I bought myself a sweet little 2000 mazda pick up. Only 40,000 miles on that baby . Well long story short my hubs and I ended up sharing that truck for a couple years until I bought a techno pink Chevy spark and the mazda became his to drive. Ya`ll I loved that little Chevy, gas lasted forever, easy to park but my husband however hated that that was our car we had to take everywhere. BUT he still agreed to me getting it! After three years of marriage we decided to start a family and the chevy spark was not going to cut it. The back seat did not fit a car seat well and since the old mazda truck had no back seat that meant my hubs would have sometimes drive the awesome techno pink mini car when I had photography sessions. So he helped me buy a brand new suv. He has continued to drive that old little mazda for the last FIVE years to make sure I had something nice to get around in with our little boy.

This truck has been a trooper , but it was time. John drives a lot , and this little truck doesn’t like going over 65 or hills . We found him one we both loved, went to buy it , told them we would be there at 2 and it was in the process of being sold!!! To say John was bummed out is an understatement . HUGE tease he was finally getting his new truck and it was gone.

Then I found a couple more I knew he would love.

So on my birthday eve we got my hubs a sweet new red truck. He now owes me a date night in his new ride ;)

It might not sound like much , but this husband of mine is one of a kind. And very much deserved a new ride.

So anyways that is whats new in the Texas hill country life of the Rozemas.

Texas photographer

AND check it out, the back has a cover perfect my sessions with crazy props ..hahahaha!!! Looks like I will get to take this red beast out!