been a hot minute

Hey you guys!

I have been trying to keep my drive going , you know when you hear motivating speakers , podcasts or read that book that just makes you go for it all , do it all ! Wake up at 4am and get work done (this one sucks for me, but I try)

Maybe that`s just me , but I have to KEEP on finding things to motivate me , keep on investing in myself and my spiritual growth. It never ends , I feel like I can always grow. I find my life gets stagnate is when I stop working on my spiritual growth , personal growth, business growth .

I am still learning , I am still working on me. AND that is okay .

I got some big dreams and I am getting there you guys one day at a time.

Some people asked on my IG what I am reading right now and I currently just read, you are a bad ass and why successful woman are successful . Recommend BOTH .

Podcasts at the moment I am listening too are Jenna Kutcher (I am listening to her older ones , because all her commercials are driving me nuts but I still love what shes saying )

I am still rocking the Rachel Hollis podcast as well as Fierce Marriage. ( one of my FAVE marriage podcasts!)

I listen to marriage podcasts as well as read lots of motivation for my marriage BECAUSE that is first for me. I want to grow with my husband and sometimes I know all my personal growth growing and business work can be a lot and I want to make sure I am always devoting time into US.

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. Benjamin Franklin