How do you do it ladies ?

Good morning ,

I am gearing up for this weekend , its going to kick my butt. But I am so ready to get butt my kicked and start capturing some spring beauties! I have a wedding this Friday , please send some prayers that Texas will move its storm day ! Like seriously , I hope our weather is way wrong , like usual. I also have a sweet newborn that came early yesterday, so I will be meeting her this weekend as well!

So with that , I will probably have a dirty house and laundry for days . How do you ladies do it? Send me your tips! This will be about 25+ hours of work in two days for me not including my editing time (which is HOURS of early morning work) ! My vision board has a cleaning service coming out twice a week , but until then send me your tips for working , toddlers and messy hubs hahaha!

I get wonderful chemical free cleaning products sent my way (that I LOVE) , but I need tips to put them to use!

Anyways , today my husband works in the evening so he is playing with Oaklee while I catch up on saying HELLO to you all , sending out emails and creating a checklist for this weekend.

Hope you all are having a motivated Monday , #mondaygrind

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Till next time friends ,

Tauni Joy