Valentine , oh valentine !

Oh hey there Valentine .


Anyone else up before sunrise and your valentines are up? It takes 21 days to start a habit right ? I have been struggling to be constant with getting up , but I feel so much better when I start my day not rushed and with my devotions and motivations! I have been waking up early listening to my favorite girl bosses like a crazy person BEFORE my family gets up. I wanted to get in some quite time before valentine fun got started! I know almost everyone reading this can relate to much needed quite time !

I usually go a little crazy EACH holiday , like even St.Patricks day , I think I get that from my mom . Every year she would send us little gifts no matter what holiday , even my husband would get excited for her mail to come in! I dont mean I spend like crazy get huge gifts , but ya little sweet treats and home-made notes . Heart shirts? Heck YES!

I just love the excitement and the sweet little gestures, they go a long way . This year I did not go pintrest craycray with valentines day, it was tempting I will not lie! I am trying to be more intentional with my time , so sorry pintrest that means I have to cut down on the scrolling ! Also big dreams means big time saving and cutting back , so this year Oaklee and I picked out the cutest little dino valentines at THE DOLLAR store! (We did have a five minute talk and some little dino tears where shed about why he could not have all the dinos , oh the struggles of being two) I also found cute mini paddle boards and tiny boxs with stickers in them! I decided no candy , for the sake of his teacher. Then I found this cute little notebook for his sweet teacher! I made and printed the little tag!

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SO easy , so cute!

This valentines day , whether its your thing or not I hope you feel loved !I also hope you love to stop and smell ALL the flowers like my sour patch boy . He also likes to force mongo (his brother with fur) to smell the roses .

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Some of my fave podcast right now are

RISE podcast By Rachel Hollis And The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher

Thanks Ya`ll

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lago vista photographer Tauni Joy Photography
lifestyle photographer Tauni Joy Photography