Hump Day

I was reminded that we are mid through the week , and hey its hump day. Actually the sweetest little elder cashier said to my husband and I , well ya`ll its hump day! I love when you get the those little encounters from people that brighten your day , reminds me that I need to remember to be that person . To stop and say hello.

I hope you all stop for a second today , breath and think of all the positive things that have happened. Even in the worst of days there is something to be grateful for. That is something I am working on daily. Because nothing is bigger than HIM.

I tend to let 10000000 million to do`s enter my mind all at once and I tend to not stop. And in that moment I let myself feel as if their no end, that I can not reach that goal , that BIG goal because I have too many things in my way . You guys it took me a while to figure this out, and yes I am still learning. I would focus on everything all at once and at the end of the day feel utterly defeated like I did nothing . Even if I did A LOT , I felt like I was growing in no direction because I wasn’t. I learned I was not putting my focus on one thing at a time, I was not setting the right amount time in the areas that would help me grow.

There are days I fail, days that life happens and I let my big to do list feel too far to reach, but then in that moment I feel those thoughts I remind myself , I can do it and I am doing it , close my eyes and realize I got this.

With that Happy Hump Day everyone, finish the week stronger than ever! And hey keep following , I have the most exciting news about Tauni Joy photography , the traveling Photojunkie ( thats me in case you ended up here on accident) that is coming out before the year ends!


Till next time!